Waiting to have sex until marriage is a wonderful thing for the strength of a marriage even though nobody would say that this is easy! Sexual intimacy is something that is best saved for two people that can handle everything that sex entails. Sex is an enjoyable physical act as well as a way for couples to feel closely bonded to each other. However, it is not all fun and games and there are several important things to consider. Anxiety over having children before you are ready, Shame and guilt for under performing and failing to please your partner, and lack of communication regarding the needs and desires of each person can be very difficult to navigate.

These issues are only extrapolated when faced out of the confines of a marriage. How can you truly care for a child born out of wedlock? Not meeting your partner’s sexual needs could result in shame and tension in a relationship that could lead to its end. Communicating sexual needs can be difficult because sex is difficult to talk about! Trust needs to be built first in order to have these types of conversations. These issues are difficult even in marriage, but without the level of commitment and trust that marriage brings, it can be extremely challenging.

Of course, waiting can be excruciating, especially if you have been with your partner for an extended amount of time, or you are going through a long engagement. However, sex is worth the wait. It has been widely researched and documented that the couples that have the best sex and most enjoy intimacy are married couples. The bottom line is that Sex is better in marriage. People have better sex, more often and more consistently when they are married. If you want to experience this, then the best chance you have is to wait for the it, I guarantee that you won’t regret it!



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