Budgeting is crucial for marriages to be successful.

1) CONTROL-Budgeting puts your money it’s rightful place beneath you. Money should never control you! Budgeting allows you to direct your money to where you want it to go. You are in the drivers seat and you get to choose what is important and what’s not. It can create conflict in marriages, and this is probably why a lot of couples choose one person to pay the bills, but it is a necessary battle.


2) Tension regarding routine purchases such as gas and groceries disappears as long as it follows the budget! There are certain things that you have to pay for every week/month, and if its written down and expected, it doesn’t hurt as much to swipe that bank card.

3) Budgeting allows couples to see where their money is going. “Holy cow we spent 100 dollars on coffee!?” Realizations like this can really change perspectives and open ourselves up to our bad habits. It can really help us to curb our spenditures and make sure our money is going where we truly want it to.


4) Huge expenses such as oil bills and car repairs have to be paid somehow. Luckily you can place it into your budget and pay for it as a couple. These expenses really suck and can be really difficult to deal with, but it won’t be able to divide you because you will be unified through careful planning. Even if the unthinkable happens (house fire, job loss, etc.) you will be able to work together to solve the problems.


5) Budgeting allows you to plan ahead and save for big purchases you would like to make later on. I have been able to get various electronic accessories this way and my wife was completely okay with it. Had I just gone out and bought a 500 dollar TV with no discussion and planning it definitely would have been a different Story (rightfully so).


There you have it! Happy budgeting!



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