Shhhh you can’t talk about sex! No one should ever talk about this subject, especially godly Christians! WRONG. We should be talking about it fiercely and intentionally to counteract the negative connotation given by the media. Sex is an amazing part of human life. It is a need that we crave more than any other need. At its most basic it is a way to meet your own physical needs, and at its core It is a means of becoming truly connected to another person. It is a great part of life and one we should be able to freely talk about and discuss.

For married couples it can be both awesome and at times a point of conflict and strife. Doing sex right takes practice and a mindset of selflessness. It takes work and plenty of patience to get right over the long haul. The cold hard fact is that sex gets better over time.  It can be a struggle in the beginning buteventually you will hit your stride as a couple. When you learn more about each other you will enjoy some of the best sex you have ever had!

Remember that sex, like everything else in marriage, takes an intentional commitment to get right. Work at it, and you and your partner will benefit greatly!

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