Being active doesn’t need to come in the form of an intense run or a 2 hour lift at the gym. Walking is a very simple activity and it is something you can do with your spouse! My wife and I walk regularly around town and it is something that we enjoy doing together in all seasons. We usually end up walking more during the winter just to get out of the house and give our core temps a boost! However, don’t just take my word for it, check out the American Heart Association’s page on the Benefits of Walking.


In addition to the physical benefits walking is a great time for you and your spouse to connect free of distractions. Just the other day Miranda commented on how great our conversations are when we are out walking. It gives us a chance to get moving and just be with each other outside of the confines of the home and work. We make an intentional effort to go on multiple walks during the week and connect with each other, and it is something I would suggest for all couples to start doing.

Regardless of your motivation for doing so, just get out there and start walking! We guarantee it will bring you and your spouse closer and it is a great catalyst for increasing your overall physical fitness. Just make sure that you get some new shoes before walking too much! New Shoes are necessary for making sure your foot is getting the proper amount of cushion, and I have found that it goes a long way in helping to reduce back pain! I am a big fan of the ASICS brand seen below!


Happy Walking!


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