Take a mental journey with me for a second. Imagine you are walking to your local bank to take out some cash for the week. You can feel the wind at your back on this blustery Saturday morning. The sun is shining and you feel particularly warm despite the breeze and the fact that it is nearing the end of October. Your mind is full of everything you need to get done that day and you just can’t wait to cross things off of your list.

You slide your card into the machine and take out some money in order to do the grocery shopping for that night. As you take the money out of the slot it flies around in your hand and fights you all the way to its rightful spot in your wallet. It takes a few seconds to figure out how to hold the receipt and the cash and make sure that your card is indeed back in your wallet. Of course, you do all that you can to hold on to that cash as you will NOT be chasing it down the street. This would be dangerous and not to mention extremely frustrating as that cash flies around relentlessly.

It may strike you, as it struck me that day, that we need to be holding onto our marriage just as strongly and as tightly as we hung onto that money that was threatening to lead us on a dangerous chase down the street! We would never risk letting that cash leave us, we hold onto it in that moment as if it is the most important thing we own.  If we could only learn to hold onto our spouse as tightly as that cash, our marriage would be stronger and more fulfilling.

If we are not intentional about our marriage it will slip through our fingers and will be lost to us forever. We need to learn how to lay the foundation and then build upon it in order to stay together and to stay strong. There are many ways to do this but it takes work. Firstly, grasp the importance of holding onto your spouse literally and metaphorically. Start with the literal interpretation as they will most definitely appreciate it!

– Jordan



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