About Us


Just in case you are curious, here is a little bit of information on who we are!

Miranda grew up in Pennsylvania in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cornfields, Jordan on the other hand grew up in Maine in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees. We both were raised in big loving families. Miranda has 3 sisters and a brother while he has three brothers and a sister. Jordan spent his childhood playing air-soft, halo, and tennis and Miranda spent hers crocheting, playing dress-up, and singing. We met at the Messiah College Philly campus right before our Senior year.

After spending the fall semester playing frisbee, Risk, and hanging out, we started dating, and the rest, as they say, is history!  Fast forward to today and we have been married for two and a half wonderful and quirky years. Our inspiration for this site came from both of our passions for healthy marriages.  We’ve been married for less than three years, but we most certainly have learned a lot in that time and this website is a channel in which to share those lessons. Marriage is by no means easy, but it is worth every struggle if it means you come out stronger and wiser with your best friend. Marriage takes work, time, and energy, Marriage is Intentional!  

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