talkingEffective communication between couples is the bedrock of a successful marriage. It is not something that can be ignored, it must be sought after feverishly. Learning how to effectively communicate with your spouse can be extremely difficult at times, but it is ultimately rewarding. Having that person that at times just “knows” what you are feeling is one of the most wonderful aspects of a great marriage. This is only truly possible when couples put forth an intentional effort to communicate with each other.

The “how” can be extremely difficult though! How do I communicate about money, about sex, or about the very act of communicating!? It is definitely a learning process and doesn’t happen overnight. However, you do need to be intentional about it, and make sure that you are always trying to improve upon your communication. I often hear one partner say that the other is difficult to talk with. This may very well be true! But you still need to be accountable to your part of it and even push over that 50% effort mark. Marriage is never a clean match where both partners always give exactly half effort and everything works out just fine. No one is perfect at everything and in some areas the individual that is better at a specific part needs to pick up the slack and help their partner out. This is when teamwork comes into play and can make a remarkable difference in a marriage!

See below for articles on how Miranda and I have worked on and improved our own communication, as well as resources to use to improve your own communication!



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