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First of all, we firmly believe that every marriage is worth fighting for. Marriage is truly a wonderful gift that we have been given and it is deserving of every ounce of effort we can muster. Through the ups and downs and the good and the bad, you have been blessed with a partner that will be there with you. Take advantage of the opportunity and make your marriage the best it can possibly be by being intentional about your growth!

Secondly, this site has been set up with you in mind. We are hoping to be able to touch people’s lives and share our knowledge of what has worked for us. By no means do we have all the answers, but we have worked hard to build a solid marriage foundation. I can honestly say that I am extremely lucky to be married to such a wonderful woman, and I feel blessed in our marriage.

For more information please visit our About Us page and feel free to Contact Us with any questions. We would appreciate the feedback and would love to receive topic suggestions.

In the meantime- Browse through our most recent posts and videos below and thanks again for stopping by. This world can be a chaotic place, and we are glad that you are here with us now!

“Long-lasting love doesn’t happen by accident. We don’t find ourselves holding hands after twenty-five years with the one that we love by pure chance. Love is deliberate, it’s intentional, it’s purposeful, and in the end it’s worth every minute that we give of ourselves to another.” Darlene Schacht


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